Marine & Offshore

Accelerate the sustainable transformation of the Marine & Offshore industry

Oceans hold the key to the growing demand for food, water, energy, natural resources, transportation, and recreation. Yet we must protect our most precious resource from the dangers of overexploitation, pollution and degradation. More than ever, all Marine & Offshore stakeholders understand the need to challenge the status-quo and accelerate transformation. A collaborative business platform that connects the entire value chain is essential. One that leverages the virtual twin to provide end-to-end continuity and insight, from ideation to asset in operation.

Accelerate collaboration to create efficiencies

The Marine & Offshore value chain involves a large number of globally dispersed people and organizations. From shipyards and their multi-disciplinary teams to an extensive network of partners and suppliers, from ship owners to classification societies, from port authorities to regulatory bodies, this extended ecosystem needs to be able to connect and collaborate in an efficient way.

Deliver reliable, high quality ships and marine assets

Every marine asset must meet all requirements as defined by the owner while complying with classification rules and maritime regulations. Not only must shipbuilders be able to manage, validate, and document compliance properly, they also need to manage change. Customer specifications continue to evolve even after the contract has been signed. It is therefore critical to be able to quickly and accurately assess the impact of these changes and manage them efficiently. So is the need to constantly integrate new regulations for maritime safety, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability in areas such as emissions control, ship material recycling, ballast water management and waste disposal. Failure to do so can be costly, causing fines or delays, and damaging in terms of image and reputation.

Master complexity, mitigate risks

With the urgency on climate change mitigation, there is a compelling need, in every sector of the industry, to deliver better, greener, and safer ships. This requires the whole value chain to innovate with new propulsion systems, alternative fuels, new design and new architecture, as well as advanced materials in order to reach decarbonization and zero-emission shipping and passenger transportation objectives.

It also requires owners and operators to optimize fleet and crew management based on real-time data to meet sustainability, performance and profitability objectives.

Create, capture and deliver more value

Across the industry, there is a need to rethink outdated business models and proactively invent new ones that are economically sustainable.

Marine & Offshore companies need to meet the challenges of diversification by offering a portfolio of higher value assets as well as maintenance and value-added digital services that satisfy the latest market demands and leverage emerging opportunities to generate revenue and offset volatile economics.