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Marine & Offshore

Shipbuilding companies have to operate in an environment of competition, tight work schedules, increasing legal requirements, environmental and social responsibility. The need for cleaner, more innovative and safer solutions is driving companies to transform their current processes. Dassault Systemes industry solutions for the marine industry will help you meet the expectations of customers, passengers and workers in the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

Construction & Engineering

Business platforms can combine data sources, tools, and processes to easily work on large-scale projects and make project information as transparent as possible for all stakeholders. The capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allow masterful data management, and 3D visualization tools will help convey the idea and determine the method of technical implementation and production.

Mechanical Engineering

The rising trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution - automation, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, network communications, machine learning and cloud computing - are increasingly influencing the way we work and interact with customers. On the wave of new technologies, breakthrough solutions in the field of mechanical engineering appear, which transform the processes of development, production and service of complex and efficient machines, mechanisms and their components.

Aerospace & Defense

The need to constantly accelerate the pace of production is becoming the norm for the modern aviation industry. Increasing the level of labor productivity has become one of the key tasks of the Russian Aviation Industry Development Program. This can be accomplished with the right digitalization strategy and the right platform solution, which includes design tools, advanced manufacturing technologies and aircraft testing, as well as flexible tools for managing schedules, budgets and quality. We offer integrated digital solutions for design, production and testing to solve the tasks set by the state for the domestic aviation and space industry


New technologies are transforming the behavior of customers in the transport sector. In addition to rising expectations about the design, safety and functionality of vehicles, consumers and manufacturers are also trying to understand how they can benefit from advanced developments such as autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concepts. Given the dynamics of change, companies must learn to anticipate the desires of their customers in order to exceed their expectations.
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